Monday, November 8, 2010

Dempsey's New Friend

While in Seattle Dempsey met a stag, Padrick. I guess he snuck out of the hotel while we were sleeping. We woke up the next morning to find both of them asleep outside our hotel room door. The trouble had only begun. Dempsey smuggled Padrick back to Hawaii and kept him hidden for the past few weeks. Evidently Padrick was becoming a little bored and.....well.....the gig was up!
Padrick is the crook-horned stag by Demps.

Padrick thought it would be fun to pull Sapp's tail..

I kept my distance. Padrick you are digging your own grave.

"I told you man!!"   "He's, like, 500 times your size."
- "Just call shut up and call 911"

This is more my speed. (Not a 2 ton cat.)
Watch and Learn

Approach slowly and quietly. Crap, I think he sees me..
FYI...his name is Peacock, LMTO!
 I am sure the other Betas give him a hard time with that name.
 {Maybe that is why he kills everything that is put in the bowl.}
Someone has anger issues. I'm just sayin'.

Can Monkeys swim??? Not sure I thought this thru...

Not getting any better. Sweet kitty.


I am stroking out here. My head is way to close to his mouth.
I hope he had lunch.

Peacock you live to swim another day. I am outta here.
You have bigger things to worry about.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chevy's in Seattle

Homeys fav restaurant in Seattle is Chevy's. On our way back from Rainer we stopped off for dinner. Everybody knows what happens at a Mexican restaurant on your birthday.....right.

Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Diving into the chips. They have not fed me since Sonic. (Should I report that)

I am so full I can barely pull myself onto the plate.


Dempsey and G Dog
 (he said I can call him that)

This is what happens on your birthday at a Mexican eatery.
For the record, we did NOT tell them it was Homeys bday.

They must be out of big boy hats.!?

I made my own. I am really adorable : )

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Misc Adventures.....with food

Love of my Life!!

My birthday present to Homey.

time to stop celebrating your birthday

driving to Sonic.


Homey saves the day.

num num num num


GOTTA have my morning caffeine jolt.

just give me a moment please.

attack mode.

stomach pump......oxygen....insulin....
I need professional help. Where's a cop when you need one?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seattle Underground Tour

Seattle's underground tunnels are actually the original sidewalks and first floors of buildings from the original city. When the retaining walls were built, they built them so high that the second floor became the first street level floor. The first floors were still used but eventually left to ruin. My family thought it would be fun to go underground and tour the rubble. I was sold when I found out Ghost Hunters had been there.

the original bar

walking down to the first floor from current street level (second floor)

GH has been here....I am going too.

Inside the room looking thru the window onto what was the sidewalk.

original toilet.......nasty

free ride....dogs were barking

little photo op....gotta hurry. They are leaving me with the ghosts.

ooohhhh see any ghosts????   yeah me either.......

stay close Shelbi. I don't want  you to get lost down here.

we are thinking about going back up to the bar...lameooooooooo

we did not see any ghosts, but it was a fun tour.
(they paid me $5 to say that)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quest for Big Foot

We sort of got tired of looking for Light Houses and decided to look for Big Foot.  I was a little scared, I can admit that. But, I hid my emotions and manned up.
Be Careful Shelbi!!!!

Does she see something? Is it him? CRAAAPPPP!!!!!!!

So dark, so very dark.

A bench.?.?..In the woods????

Time to take a load off.

At this point I am wondering if this is such a good idea...will we end up on an episode of America's Dumbest??????

My safe place...

We didn't find Big Foot, but, we did find a Captain.
Captain Homer.

Another sitting area. Big Foot is quite the entertainer.

So, as you can see we did not find Big Foot or anything close to it. We ended the search and hit the road again. There are still 4 more TJ MAXX stores to hit.